The Fourth Issue
The Thrid Issue
The Second Issue
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· 01-ISCAD - Design, Control and Car Integration of a 48 Volt ..
· 02-Role of Advanced Materials in Electrical Machines
· 03-Common Mode EMI Reduction through PWM Methods for Three-P..
· 04-Subdomain Model for Predicting Armature Reaction Field of..
· 05-Improved Rotor Flux Observer for Sensorless Control of PM..
· 06-Overview of the Rectangular Wire windings AC Electrical M..
· 07-Demagnetization Research on PMs in the Halbach Magnetized..
· 08-Open-circuit Fault-tolerant Control Strategy Based on Fiv..
· 09-Novel Rotors with Low Eddy Current Loss for High Speed Pe..
· 10-Performance Evaluation of an 60kW IPM Motor for Medium Co..
· 11-Coupled Electromagnetic-Thermal-Fluidic Analysis of Perma..
· 12-3D Eddy Current and Temperature Field Analysis of Large H..
· 13-Improved Study on Position Measurement System for Linear ..
· 14-Massive Power Device Condition Monitoring Data Feature Ex..
The First Issue
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· 01-Optimal Split Ratio in Small High Speed PM Machines Consi..
· 02-Improvement Torque Performances of Interior Permanent-Mag..
· 03-Research on Long Stroke Moving Secondary Permanent ..
· 04-Feasibility of a New Ironless-stator Axial Flux Permanent..
· 05-Development of a Consequent Pole Transverse Flux Permanen..
· 06-Design and Optimization of Dual-Winding Fault-Tolerant Pe..
· 07-A Review of Gallium Nitride Power Device and Its Applicat..
· 08-Sensorless Control on a Dual-Fed Flux Modulated Electric ..
· 09-Performance Evaluation of a Permanent Magnet Electric-Dri..
· 10-An Inverse Kinematic Analysis Modeling on a 6-PSS Complia..
· 11-High Specific Power Electrical Machines A System Perspect..
· 12-Analysis and Design of Surface Permanent Magnet Synchrono..
· 13-A Proposed Design, Implementation and Control of Doubly F..
· 14-Electromagnetic and Mechanical Stress Analysis of Wind-Dr..