The First Issue
· 202201-inside front cover
· Content
· Message from Editors
· 01-Design and Analysis of Asymmetric Rotor Pole Type Bearing..
· 02-Design and Key Technology of Oil-Free Centrifugal Air Com..
· 03-Design and Analysis of a V-Shaped Permanent Magnet Vernie..
· 04-Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Characteristics Analysi..
· 05-A Design Method of the Rotor Auxiliary Slot for the Water..
· 06-Comparative Study on Torque Performance of Five-phase Sin..
· 07-Design and Performance Analysis of Axial Flux Permanent M..
· 08-Numerical Analysis of the Rotational Magnetic Springs for..
· 09-Fast Calculation of Electromagnetic Forces in IPMSMs Unde..
· 10-Research on Influence of Motor Parameters on the Negative..
· 11-Optimal Design of Multi-channel Water Cooled Radiator for..
· 12-Development of a Medium Voltage, High Power, High Frequen..
· 13-Fault-Tolerant Operation of Five-Phase Permanent Magnet S..
The Second Issue
· 202202-inside front cover
· Content
· 00-Message from Editors
· 01-Analysis of Electromagnetic Characteristics of a Novel To..
· 02-Electromagnetic Analysis and Optimization of High-speed M..
· 03-A Modified Neutral-point Voltage Control Strategy for Thr..
· 04-Analysis of Permanent Magnet-assisted Synchronous Relucta..
· 05-Fast Square Root Calculation without Division for High Pe..
· 06-Flexible Power Regulation and Limitation of Voltage Sourc..
· 07-Temperature Field Analysis of Mine Flameproof Outer Rotor..
· 08-Comparative Investigation of Torque-ripple Suppression C..
· 09-Review of Linear Switched Reluctance Motor Designs for Li..
· 10-Design and Analysis of New Modular Stator Hybrid Excitati..
· 11-Starting Control of Free Piston Stirling Linear Generator..
· 12-A Novel High Performance Magnetic Gear with Auxiliary Sil..
· 13-Investigation of an Intensifying-flux Variable Flux-leaka..
· 14-Advanced Methodologies on Design and Control for Linear I..
The Third Issue
· 202203-inside front cover
· Content
· 00-Message from Editors
· 01-Temperature Rise Calculation and Velocity Planning of Per..
· 02-Optimization design of high-speed interior permanent magn..
· 03-Cooling System Design and Thermal Analysis of Modular Sta..
· 04-Investigation of Surface-Inset Machines with Mixed Grade ..
· 05-Application for Optimization of New Soft Magnetic Materia..
· 06-Overview of Position Servo Control Technology and Develop..
· 07-A Novel Flux-Weakening Control Method with Quadrature Vol..
· 08-Study on calculation model of High Speed Machine Silicon ..
· 09-Performance Analysis of Nested-loop Secondary Linear Doub..
· 10-Research on Open-circuit Fault Tolerant Control of Six-Ph..
· 11-Analysis of a Novel Mechanically Adjusted Variable Flux P..
· 12-Investigation on Vibration Characteristics of Amorphous M..
· 13-Direct Model Predictive Control of Noninverting Buck-Boos..
The Fourth Issue
· 202204-inside front cover
· 00-Message from Editors
· 01-Investigation of Optimal Split Ratio of 6-Slot2-Pole High..
· 02-Multi-objective Hierarchical Optimization of Interior Per..
· 03-Optimal Designs of Wound Field Switched Flux Machines wit..
· 04-Electromagnetic-thermal Coupled Analyses and Joint Optimi..
· 05-Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor ..
· 06-An Enhanced Sensorless Control Scheme for PMSM Drives Con..
· 07-Two-vector Dimensionless Model Predictive Control of PMSM..
· 08-Research on Control Strategy of Grid-Connected Brushless ..
· 09-Modeling of Fault-Tolerant Flux-Switching Permanent-Magne..
· 10-Electromagnetic Performance Prediction for the Symmetrica..
· 11-Three-dimensional Analytical Modeling of Axial Flux Perma..
· 12-Research on Slot-pole Combination in High-Power Direct-Dr..
· 13-Optimal Pole Ratio of Spoke-Type Permanent Magnet Vernier..
· 14-Zero-Sequence Current Suppressing Strategy for Dual Three..