The First Issue
· 202301-inside front cover
· Content
· 01-New Topologies of High Torque Density Machine Based on Ma..
· 02-Research on the Voltage Supporting Capability of Multi-VS..
· 03-Introduction to Mesh Based Generated Lumped Parameter Mod..
· 04-Reduction of Unipolar Leakage Flux and Torque Ripple in C..
· 05-MPC-based Torque Distribution for Planar Motion of Four-w..
· 06-Encoderless Five-phase PMa-SynRM Drive System Based on Ro..
· 07-Coupler Loss Analysis of Magnetically Coupled Resonant Wi..
· 08-Comparative Study of Linear Variable Flux Reluctance Mach..
· 09-An Overview of High-efficiency Synchronous Reluctance Mac..
· 10-Investigation of Nonlinear PI Multi-loop Control Strategy..
· 11-Integrated Sliding Mode Velocity Control of Linear Perman..
· 12-Loss Analysis of Magnetic Gear with Slotted in Magnetic M..
· 13-Sliding Mode Control Approach with Integrated Disturbance..
The Second Issue
· 202302-inside front cover
· Content
· 01-IGBT Temperature Field Monitoring Based on Reduced-order ..
· 02-Systematic Evaluation of Deep Neural Network based Dynami..
· 03-Fault Detection for Motor Drive Control System of Industr..
· 04-Winding Function Theory Based Thrust Calculation on Neste..
· 05-An Analytic Method of Segmented PWM Duty Cycle for Switch..
· 06-Speed Regulation Method Using Genetic Algorithm for Dual ..
· 07-Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor wi..
· 08-Research on Cogging Force Suppression for Toroidal PMLSM ..
· 09-Design of Rotor Magnetic Barrier Structure of Built-in P..
· 10-Design and Optimization of Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM..
· 11-Torque Improvement of Spoke-type Permanent Magnet Motor w..
· 12-Research on Magnetically Coupled Resonant Detection Metho..
· 13-Cyber-physical Modeling Technique based Dynamic Aggregati..
The Third Issue
· 202303-inside front cover
· Content
· 00-Message from Editors
· 01-An Enhanced Axial-flux Magnetic-geared Machine with Dual-..
· 02-Study of Star-Delta Soft Switch to Extend AC Motor High S..
· 03-Research on Inter-Turn Short-Circuit Fault Diagnosis Meth..
· 04-Analysis of an Axial-Flux Slotted Limited-Angle Torque Mo..
· 05-Design and Performance Analysis of Permanent Magnet Claw ..
· 06-Design and Analysis of Wide Speed Regulation of Variable ..
· 07-Speed Identification of Speed Sensorless Linear Induction..
· 08-Adaptive Gain Tuning Rule for Nonlinear Sliding-Mode Spee..
· 09-Cascaded Model Predictive Control of Six-Phase Permanent ..
· 10-Harmonics in the Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Analytic C..
· 11-Impact of the Foucault Current and its Vibration Noise Re..
· 12-Dry-Type AMDT Fault Detection Based on Vibration Signal A..
The Fourth Issue