The First Issue
The Second Issue
· 0.0-inside front cover
· 1-Sensorless Control of IPMSM for Last 10 Years and Next 5 Y..
· 2-Research on System Control and Energy Management Strategy ..
· 3.-Stability Analysis of q-axis Rotor flux Based Model Refer..
· 4.-Overview and Analysis of PM StarterGenerator for Aircraft..
· 5.-Rotor End Factors for 2-D FEA of Induction Motors with Sm..
· 6.-A Novel Axial Flux Stator and Rotor Dual Permanent Magnet..
· 7.-Quantitative Comparison of Partitioned-Stator Machines fo..
· 8-Difference in Unbalanced Magnetic Force of Fractional-Slot..
· 9.-Design Methods of Transversally Laminated Synchronous Rel..
· 10.-Fault Detection for PMSM Motor Drive Systems by Monitori..
· 11-Compensation of Unbalanced Impedance of Asymmetric Wind P..
· 12.-EMF Waveform Optimization using the Permanent Magnet Vol..
· 13.-Research on DTC System with Variable Flux for Switched R..
· 14.-Comparative Study of Low-Pass Filter and Phase-Locked Lo..
· 15.- inside back cover
The Third Issue
· 0.0-inside front cover
· 0.1-Content
· 0.2-Message from Editors for the Special Section
· 1.-Model Predictive Control for Electrical Drive Systems An ..
· 3.-Design and Analysis of a Novel Rotor-Segmented Axial-Fiel..
· 4.-Sensorless Control of Double sided Linear Switched Reluct..
· 5.-Overview of High Voltage SiC Power Semiconductor Devices ..
· 6.-Overview of Circuit Topologies for Inductive Pulsed Power..
· 7.-A Novel Simulation Method for Power Electronics Discrete ..
· 8.-Critical Transient Processes of Enhancement-mode GaN HEMT..
· 9.-Analysis and Optimization of Key Dimensions of Co-Axial D..
· 10.-Multi dimensional models of SiC power MOSFET for accurat..
· 11.-Multilevel Current Source Converters for High Power Medi..
· 12.-Dual Time Scale Control for Power Electric Zigzag Transf..
· 13.-An Improved Submodule Unified Pulse Modulation Scheme fo..
· 14.-Research on the Sub-synchronous Oscillation in Wind Powe..
· 0.3-inside back cover
The Fourth Issue